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PPE200YD(生産環境農学 / Plant production and environmental agriculture 200)
Plant Virology

Shinya TSUDA

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Faculty/Graduate school Faculty of Bioscience and Applied Chemistry
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Year 2022
Class code H8024
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Term 秋学期授業/Fall
Day/Period 水1/Wed.1
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Campus 小金井
Classroom name 各学部・研究科等の時間割等で確認
Notes 成績優秀者の他学部科目履修制度で履修する学
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Chiyoda Campus Consortium
Category 学部共通科目

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Outline (in English)

This course will provide a comparative overview of plant virus life cycles and strategies viruses use to infect and replicate in host plants. We will discuss virus structure and classification and the molecular basis of viral reproduction, evolution, assembly, virus-host interactions, epidemiology and protection of viral diseases. The standard study time for this class is 4 hours, including preparation and review. Students do not need to prepare for the lecture, but they should review technical terms in reference books. In particular, students are expected to read books on biochemistry and molecular biology to gain a basic understanding of genes, replication, and translation. There will be time for questions at the end of each class, and students are expected to respond positively, including to questions from classes that have already been completed. Evaluation will be based on 50% on the final exam, 30% on quizzes and reports, and 20% on attendance. The final exam will test your comprehension of each lecture and your overall understanding of the course.

Default language used in class

日本語 / Japanese