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ARSk300LA(地域研究(地域間比較) / Area studies(Interregional comparison) 300)
Comparative Culture A


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Faculty/Graduate school ILAC Course
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Year 2022
Class code Q6431
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Term 春学期授業/Spring
Day/Period 集中・その他/intensive・other courses
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Campus 市ヶ谷
Classroom name 各学部・研究科等の時間割等で確認
Grade 法文営国環キ2~4年
Credit(s) 2
Notes ※定員制(30名)
Open Program
Open Program (Notes)
Global Open Program
Interdepartmental class taking system for Academic Achievers
Interdepartmental class taking system for Academic Achievers (Notes)
Class taught by instructors with practical experience
Urban Design CP
Diversity CP
Learning for the Future CP
Carbon Neutral CP
Chiyoda Campus Consortium
Category (2018~) 2017年度以降入学者
300番台 総合科目
Category (2017)

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Outline (in English)

Food, Media and Contemporary Culture
Food is a powerful medium through which to enter another culture. Through food we can communicate cultural and personal identity, values and emotions. In this class we will compare mainly japanese and european representations of food in various visual and printed media.
(Learning Objectives)
◦ To deepen understanding of different cultures and own culture.
◦ Review fixed images (stereotype) and acquire clear thinking.
◦ Acquire the ability to effectively utilize overseas media (media literacy).
(Learning activities outside of classroom)
The standard for preparatory study and review time for this class is 4 hours in total.
(Grading Criteria /Policies)
Grading will be decided based on worksheets (100%).

Default language used in class

日本語 / Japanese