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CHM300LA(その他の化学 / Chemistry 300)
Liberal Arts Seminar II

Kazuhide NAKATA

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Faculty/Graduate school ILAC Course
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Year 2022
Class code Q6340
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Term 秋学期授業/Fall
Day/Period 水4/Wed.4
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Campus 市ヶ谷
Classroom name 各学部・研究科等の時間割等で確認
Grade 法文営国環キ2~4年
Credit(s) 2
Notes ※定員制(30名)
Open Program
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Global Open Program
Interdepartmental class taking system for Academic Achievers
Interdepartmental class taking system for Academic Achievers (Notes)
Class taught by instructors with practical experience
Urban Design CP
Diversity CP
Learning for the Future CP
Carbon Neutral CP
Chiyoda Campus Consortium
Category (2018~) 2017年度以降入学者
300番台 総合科目
Category (2017)

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Outline (in English)

Modern civilization is constructed on the consumption of huge amount of energy obtained mainly by combustion of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are also playing important roles as row materials of various chemical materials including fertilizers, plastics, and so on, that are indispensable for human lives. On the other hand, utilizing such the fossil fuels causes various kinds of environmental problems such as global warming, acid rain, and pollution by microplastics. In addition, they are in danger of exhaustion at the moment. Therefore, it is crucial to develop methods for earning alternative energies and various chemical compounds for maintaining our high level of civilization. In this class, students will learn concepts to realize sustainable society from the viewpoint of chemistry. Students will be expected to have completed short reports before each class meeting. The study time will be more than four hours for a class. The overall grade in the class will be decided based on short reports (50%) and in-class contribution (50%).

Default language used in class

日本語 / Japanese