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SOW300JB(社会福祉学 / Social Welfare 300)
Community Based Inclusive Development

Class code etc
Faculty/Graduate school IGESS (Institute for Global Economics and Social Sciences)
Attached documents
Year 2023
Class code N1117
Previous Class code
Previous Class title
Term 春学期授業/Spring
Day/Period 金2/Fri.2
Class Type
Campus 多摩
Classroom name オンライン(多摩)
Grade 2~4
Credit(s) 2
Open Program
Open Program (Notes)
Global Open Program
Interdepartmental class taking system for Academic Achievers
Interdepartmental class taking system for Academic Achievers (Notes)
Class taught by instructors with practical experience
Urban Design CP
Diversity CP
Learning for the Future CP
Carbon Neutral CP
Chiyoda Campus Consortium
Category Advanced Courses/専門科目
Disciplinary Courses/IGESS科目
Ⅳ. Global Issues
Faculty Sponsored Department 現代福祉
Social Policy and Administration

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Outline and objectives

This course is designed to overview the concept of inclusive development in relation to well-being studies.


This course aims at learning practical and applicable knowledge and skills on the mentioned subject.

Default language used in class

英語 / English

Method(s)(学期の途中で変更になる場合には、別途提示します。 /If the Method(s) is changed, we will announce the details of any changes. )

The course will be offered entirely online (realtime Zoom sessions). Announcements, course materials, assignments and feedback will be informed/given via the learning support system and Google Form.

Active learning in class (Group discussion, Debate.etc.)

あり / Yes

Fieldwork in class

あり / Yes


授業形態/methods of teaching:オンライン/online



Overview the planned sessions

No.2[オンライン/online]:SDGs and Well-being(1)

Concept of inclusive development(1)

No.3[オンライン/online]:SDGs and Well-being(2)

Concept of inclusive development(2)

No.4[オンライン/online]:SDGs and Well-being(3)

Concept of inclusive development(3)

No.5[オンライン/online]:Good Practice on CBID(1)

Initiatives in a community(1)

No.6[オンライン/online]:Good Practice on CBID(2)

Initiatives in a community(2)

No.7[オンライン/online]:Good Practice on CBID(3)

Initiatives in a community(3)

No.8[オンライン/online]:Human rights issues(1)

Challenges in inclusive settins (1)

No.9[オンライン/online]:Human rights issues(2)

Challenges in inclusive settins (2)

No.10[オンライン/online]:Human rights issues(3)

Challenges in inclusive settins (3)

No.11[オンライン/online]:Going into the unknown(1)

Exploring the world(1)

No.12[オンライン/online]:Going into the unknown(2)

Exploring the world(2)

No.13[オンライン/online]:Going into the unknown(3)

Exploring the world(3)


Reviewing the past lectures and feedback

Work to be done outside of class (preparation, etc.)

Students are expected to review reference materials. The time for the preparation and review of this course is 2 hours each.




Sustainable Development Goals https://sdgs.un.org/
World Health Orgzniation https://www.who.int/health-topics/disability

Grading criteria

In-class participation:50%, Reaction papers through Google form:50%

Changes following student comments

Suggestions are to be reflected in the design of the course.

Equipment student needs to prepare

Online tools (PC, Smartphone)


Themes and contents are subject to change. Lectures are according to practical knowledge and experience gained in and out of Japan.


Disability-Inclusive and Sustainable Development, International Cooperation, Regional Development in Asia (Southeast Asia in particular)