GBP (Global Business Program)

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MAN100FB-A5544(経営学 / Management 100)
Special Topics in Global Business A

Azusa Ebisuya

Class code etc
Faculty/Graduate school GBP (Global Business Program)
Attached documents
Year 2023
Class code A5544
Previous Class code
Previous Class title
Term 秋学期授業/Fall
Day/Period 火2/Tue.2
Class Type
Campus 市ヶ谷 / Ichigaya
Classroom name 市富士‐F401
Grade 1~4
Credit(s) 2
Open Program
Open Program (Notes)
Global Open Program
Interdepartmental class taking system for Academic Achievers
Interdepartmental class taking system for Academic Achievers (Notes)
Class taught by instructors with practical experience
Urban Design CP
Diversity CP
Learning for the Future CP
Carbon Neutral CP
Chiyoda Campus Consortium
Category 専門教育科目/Business Administration Courses
GBP科目/Global Business Courses

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Outline and objectives

This course will provide you with a simulation to plan a product which can attract international customers, think about best method of marketing it, and suggest the effective promotion method through working with your international team members. This provision will surely benefit you when you start working after your graduation.


Through the interactive learning experiences, you are expected to understand how to collaborate with team members effectively, generate original and meaningful ideas, design an attractive product, and promote it successfully.

Which item of the diploma policy will be obtained by taking this class?

This course is strongly related to the"DP1-1", "DP2-2" and "DP3" diploma policies and fairly related to the "DP4" policy.

Default language used in class

英語 / English

Method(s)(学期の途中で変更になる場合には、別途提示します。 /If the Method(s) is changed, we will announce the details of any changes. )

The entire course will be delivered in an interactive manner, facilitating you to get involved in the class actively. You will have to work with your team members on discussions and tasks.
You will have a sheet to submit at some classes and two team-presentations during the course. After the course ends, you will have to submit an essay.
Feedback on class assignments will be given through the Hosei University Course Management Support System (Hoppii).

Active learning in class (Group discussion, Debate.etc.)

あり / Yes

Fieldwork in class

なし / No


授業形態/methods of teaching:対面/face to face


Week 1[オンライン/online]:Introduction to the course

·Course overview
·How to benefit from the simulation classes

Week 2[対面/face to face]:Understanding team collaboration

·What is team?
·Expected performance of successful teams

Week 3[対面/face to face]:Team making and building up

·Team building-up activity
·Team development

Week 4[対面/face to face]:Product conceptualization

·Idea generation
·Idea screening
·Concept development

Week 5[対面/face to face]:Marketing research (1)

·Idea screening
·SWOT analysis

Week 6[対面/face to face]:Marketing research (2)

·Questionnaire preparation
·Survey methods

Week 7[対面/face to face]:Preparation for mid-course presentation

·Data preparation
·Discover, detain, distill, document, and deliver

Week 8[対面/face to face]:Mid-course presentation and review

·Initial team presentation
·Review and discussion

Week 9[対面/face to face]:Product design (1)

·Product name
·Original logo

Week 10[対面/face to face]:Product design (2)

·Detailed designing
·Attractive design

Week 11[対面/face to face]:Promotion (1)

·Promotion strategies
·Differences between advertisement and promotion

Week 12[対面/face to face]:Promotion (2)

·How to promote your product in a cost-free way?
·SNS as a promotion tool

Week 13[対面/face to face]:Final team meeting and interview

·Preparation of the final team presentation
·Interview on team collaboration

Week 14[対面/face to face]:Course-ending presentations

·Final team presentation
·Review and discussion

Work to be done outside of class (preparation, etc.)

The students are expected to read the materials for each class beforehand and prepare for team-discussions during the class. Preparatory study and review time for this class are 2 hours each.


Slides and additional reading materials will be provided through Hoppii (Hosei portal site).


Supplementary reading materials and/or websites will be shared through Hoppii (Hosei portal site).

Grading criteria

Participation in discussions: 20%
Sheet submission: 30%
Contribution to the mid-course team presentation: 15%
Contribution to the course-ending team presentation: 15%
Essay: 20%

Changes following student comments

To enhance the group work, the project theme will be discussed and decided with the students during the initial class.

Equipment student needs to prepare

We'll use Hoppii (Hosei portal site) for sharing reading materials and handouts, and submitting papers.



Upon threat level change

Please note that the teaching approach may vary according to which threat level we are at: at level 1, this course will be held on campus, though at level 2, it will be held online.