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PRI210KA-CS-151(情報学基礎 / Principles of informatics 200)
Formal Language and Automata

藤田 悟

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Faculty/Graduate school Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences
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Year 2022
Class code J0512
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Term 春学期授業/Spring
Day/Period 水2/Wed.2
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Campus 小金井 / Koganei
Classroom name 各学部・研究科等の時間割等で確認
Credit(s) 2
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受講希望者 (受講検討中の者も含む) は、情報科学部学部Googleフォーム(https://forms.gle/ECvwxVe2NcxmrbTK9)で初回講義前までに希望申請をしてください。(※以下URLのご案内があるGoogleフォームとは異なるのでご注意ください。)
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Category 専門教育科目

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Outline (in English)

This course covers fundamental notions in formal language theory, including automata, relationship between finite automata and regular languages, characteristics and properties of context-free languages, pushdown automata and Turing machines.
The goal of this course is to understand fundamental notions in formal language theory. Namely, students will be able to
1. construct and show configurations of finite state automata, pushdown automata and Turing machines
2. explain and construct languages generated by regular and context-free grammars
Before each class, students will be expected to have read relevant chapter(s) from the text. During the class, students are expected to confirm their understandings.
Students will be studying four hours for a class.
Grading will be decided based on term-end exam (60%) and in class tests including mid-term exam (40%).

Default language used in class

日本語 / Japanese