Class code
Faculty/Graduate school
Class title
Instructor name
A8500 2018 ESOP ESOP:日本におけるジャーナリズムⅠ (Journalism in Japan I) Robert SAKAI-IRVINE Spring 2 Mon 1st
A8501 2018 ESOP ESOP:グローバル・ガバナンス (Global Governance) Masako YONEKAWA Spring 2 Mon 4th
A8502 2018 ESOP ESOP:日本の思想Ⅰ (Japanese Thought I) Shunsuke NOZAWA Spring 2 Mon 5th
A8503 2018 ESOP ESOP:日本文化史入門 (Introduction to Cultural History of Japan) Shiho MAESHIMA Spring 2 Tue 3rd
A8504 2018 ESOP ESOP:日本の資本主義の形成と起業家精神 (Japanese Capitalism and Entrepreneurship) Julia YONGUE Spring 2 Tue 3rd
A8505 2018 ESOP ESOP:家族とセクシャリティ (Families and Sexualities in Japan) Saori KAMANO Spring 2 Tue 4th
A8506 2018 ESOP ESOP:日本の金融システム Ⅰ (The Contemporary Japanese Financial System I -Banking and Credit-) John REILLY Spring 2 Tue 5th
A8507 2018 ESOP ESOP:日本のマイノリティー社会 (Japan's Ethnic Minorities) Chisato HOTTA Spring 2 Wed 3rd
A8508 2018 ESOP ESOP:日本の社会問題(Japanese Social Problems) Sachiko HORIGUCHI Spring 2 Wed 3rd
A8509 2018 ESOP ESOP:日本近現代史(Modern and Contemporary History of Japan) Yusuke SUZUMURA Spring 2 Wed 4th
A8510 2018 ESOP ESOP:上級経済学(Advanced Economics) Samuel OFORI Spring 2 Wed 5th
A8511 2018 ESOP ESOP:ディスカバージャパンⅠ (Discover Japan I) James LASSEGARD, Akiko MURATA Spring 2 Thu 3rd
A8512 2018 ESOP ESOP:マーケティング論 (Marketing in Japan) H.HATANO, Y.KIMURA, K.TOMARU, R.ITO, Y.SUZUKI, K.KAMIYA Spring 2 Thu 4th
A8513 2018 ESOP ESOP:上級マーケティング論(Advanced Marketing) John FOSTER Spring 2 Thu 5th
A8514 2018 ESOP ESOP: 国際金融論(International Finance) M. ISHIBASHI, M. MATSUOKA, E. KOIZUMI, M. SAITO Spring 2 Fri 1st
A8515 2018 ESOP ESOP: ネット社会と日本 (Japan As a Net Community) Yoshiaki OHSHIMA Fall 2 Mon 3rd
A8516 2018 ESOP ESOP:日系移民-オキナワンの経験から (Japanese Immigration: The Okinawan Experience) Stephanie Yuuko ISO Fall 2 Mon 4th
A8517 2018 ESOP ESOP:日本の思想Ⅱ (Japanese Thought II) Shunsuke NOZAWA Fall 2 Mon 5th
A8518 2018 ESOP ESOP:日本の近代とメディア (Media and Modernity in Japan) Shiho MAESHIMA Fall 2 Tue 3rd
A8519 2018 ESOP ESOP:日本の演劇 (Japanese Theater) Akiko TAKEUCHI Fall 2 Tue 3rd
A8520 2018 ESOP ESOP:日本の文学 (Japanese Literature) Saida KHALMIRZAEVA Fall 2 Tue 4th
A8521 2018 ESOP ESOP:日本の金融システムⅡ (The Contemporary Japanese Financial System II-Capital Markets and Investment Management-) John REILLY Fall 2 Tue 5th
A8522 2018 ESOP ESOP:日本のモノづくりと世界経済 (Japanese Goods and the Global Economy) Martha CHAIKLIN Fall 2 Wed 3rd
A8523 2018 ESOP ESOP:日本社会のジェンダー (Gender in Japanese Society) Akiko MIZOGUCHI Fall 2 Wed 5th
A8524 2018 ESOP ESOP:日本の金融論 (Money and Finance in Japan) Naotsugu HAYASHI Fall 2 Thu 2nd
A8525 2018 ESOP ESOP: ディスカバージャパンⅡ (Discover Japan II) James LASSEGARD, Akiko MURATA Fall 2 Thu 3rd
A8526 2018 ESOP ESOP:日本の国際協力 (International Cooperation of Japan) Nobuhisa TAKEDA Fall 2 Thu 5th
A8527 2018 ESOP ESOP:コンテンツツーリズム (Culture Tourism and J-Pop) Toshiyuki MASUBUCHI Fall 2 Thu 6th
A8528 2018 ESOP ESOP:日本におけるジャーナリズムⅡ (Journalism in Japan II) Robert SAKAI-IRVINE Fall 2 Fri 1st
A8529 2018 ESOP ESOP:近代日本の文化と社会(Culture and Society in Late Meiji and Taisho Japan) Masaaki KINUGASA Fall 2 Fri 3rd
A8530 2018 ESOP ESOP:日本の若者・大衆文化 (Japanese Youth and Popular Culture) Sayako ONO Fall 2 Fri 4th
A8531 2018 ESOP ESOP:日本のメディアと政治(Media and Politics in Japan) David McNEILL Fall 2 Fri 5th