Faculty/Graduate school Department of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies
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Year 2023
Class code A6035
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Term 春学期授業/Spring
Day/Period 木3/Thu.3
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Campus 市ヶ谷 / Ichigaya
Classroom name 市外濠‐S404
Grade 1~4
Credit(s) 2
Open Program
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Global Open Program
Interdepartmental class taking system for Academic Achievers
Interdepartmental class taking system for Academic Achievers (Notes) 制度ウェブサイトの3.科目別の注意事項(1)GIS主催科目の履修上の注意を参照すること。
Class taught by instructors with practical experience
Urban Design CP
Diversity CP
Learning for the Future CP
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Category (commenced 2020 onwards) 100-level General Study Courses
Academic Skills Courses(Elective:選択)
Category (commenced 2016-2019) 100-level General Study Courses
Academic Skills Subjects

【授業の概要と目的(何を学ぶか) / Outline and objectives】
Being able to take command of a room and speak confidently in front of other people is a vital skill, but one many people have difficulty with. The primary aim of this course is to build confidence and competence in public speaking, with the main focus on the preparation and delivery of two kinds of speech: informative and persuasive. This course will not only have relevance in an academic sense, but the skills learned can also be applied in both business and social settings.

【到達目標 / Goal】
Upon completing this course, students will have gained:
•Competency in identifying and analysing basic communication theory
•The ability to put this theory into practice
•Confidence in presentation and public speaking on a variety of topics
•Key skills in both verbal and non-verbal aspects of public speaking
•The ability to be an active listener and ask meaningful questions.

【この授業を履修することで学部等のディプロマポリシーに示されたどの能力を習得することができるか(該当授業科目と学位授与方針に明示された学習成果との関連) / Which item of the diploma policy will be obtained by taking this class?】
Will be able to gain “DP 2” and “DP 4”.

【授業で使用する言語 / Default language used in class】
英語 / English

【授業の進め方と方法 / Method(s)】 (学期の途中で変更になる場合には、別途提示します。 /If the Method(s) is changed, we will announce the details of any changes. )
Although there is some theoretical analysis, Presentation and Public Speaking is primarily a practical, skills-based course, with students producing meaningful class content. Submission of assignments and feedback will either be in-person or via the Learning Management System. Students will prepare and deliver speeches and learn essential skills along the way: how to select, organize and use materials to support an idea, delivery techniques, and how to effectively utilise multimedia tools in presentations.

【アクティブラーニング(グループディスカッション、ディベート等)の実施 / Active learning in class (Group discussion, Debate.etc.)】
あり / Yes

【フィールドワーク(学外での実習等)の実施 / Fieldwork in class】
なし / No

【授業計画 / Schedule】
授業形態 / methods of teaching:対面/face to face

回 / No. 各回の授業形態予定 / methods of teachingテーマ / Theme 内容 / Contents
1 オンライン/onlineIntroduction Introduction
2 対面/face to facePersonal Introduction Speech The basics of public speaking
3 対面/face to faceAnalysing an Informative Speech Identifying key concepts and models of communication
4 対面/face to faceAnalysing an Informative Speech II Identifying key concepts and models of communication
5 対面/face to faceInformative Speech Preparation Preparing an informative speech of your own
6 対面/face to faceDelivery Strategies I Practice using verbal cues
7 対面/face to faceDelivery Strategies II Practice using non-verbal cues
8 対面/face to faceInformative Speech Performances Student presentations
9 対面/face to faceExploiting Visuals I Making engaging presentation slides in PowerPoint
10 対面/face to faceExploiting Visuals II Infographics and visual representations
11 対面/face to faceAsking and Dealing with Questions How to be an active listener and engage in Q&A
12 対面/face to facePersuasive Speech Preparation Preparing a persuasive speech of your own
13 対面/face to facePersuasive Speech Preparation Preparing a persuasive speech of your own
14 対面/face to facePersuasive Speech Performance Student presentations

【授業時間外の学習(準備学習・復習・宿題等) / Work to be done outside of class (preparation, etc.)】
Preparatory study and review time for this class are 2 hours each.

【テキスト(教科書) / Textbooks】
No single textbook will be used; the instructor will provide materials.

【参考書 / References】
Anderson, C. (2018). Ted talks: the official TED guide to public speaking. London, UK: Nicholas.
Stafford, M. (2012). Successful presentations: an interactive guide. Tokyo, Japan: Cengage Learning.

【成績評価の方法と基準 / Grading criteria】
Class participation (20 %), assignments (10%), self introduction speech (10%), analysis paper (10%), informative speech (25%), persuasive speech (25%). The grading of speeches will take into account preparation, visuals, delivery and performance.

【学生の意見等からの気づき / Changes following student comments】
Some students were mistaken in thinking that the Presentation and Public Speaking course had two parts, but that is incorrect. The "Standard" and "Advanced" levels have the same course content and students can only take this course once. Please see the "Others" section for more details.

【学生が準備すべき機器他 / Equipment student needs to prepare】
A laptop will be required in many sessions. If access to a laptop computer is difficult, please inform the instructor.

【その他の重要事項 / Others】
This course has two levels, "Standard" and "Advanced." This is not a two-part course: the two levels are designed to separate students based on English proficiency, so the instructors can tailor the content for different skill levels. Think carefully about which level is right for you before selecting the course. For the Advanced level course, students are expected to meet or exceed one of the following scores: TOEFL ITP 550, TOEFL iBT 80, IELTS 6.5 or IB Diploma (English as Language A).