Class code Q0623
Year 2022
Faculty/Graduate school ILAC Course
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Category (2018~) 2017年度以降入学者
200番台 リベラルアーツ科目
Category (2017) 2016年度以前入学者
Term オータムセッション/Autumn Session
Credit(s) 2
Day/Period 集中・その他/intensive・other courses
Campus 市ヶ谷
Classroom name 各学部・研究科等の時間割等で確認
Grade 法文営国環キ1~3年
Open Program
Open Program
Global Open Program
Interdepartmental class taking system for Academic Achievers
Interdepartmental class taking system for Academic Achievers
Class taught by instructors with practical experience

【Outline (in English)】
The purpose of this course is to learn about the work of each Group company in the retail, financial, and service businesses in which the AEON Group operates,as well as its understanding of local culture and climates,fostering a global orientation, and its social role as a global company.

Students will be able to acquire the skills to collect and analyze information on international ethics and knowledge on issue themes in a global society, and understand the importance of practical communication skills for activities and the leadership skills needed to carry out projects while involving others.
Students will be able to relate their own experiences to the academic system of their major, deepen their reflection on the knowledge and abilities necessary to work as a member of society in the future, and deepen their consideration of their own career prospects.

[Work to be done outside of class]
Industry analysis, company analysis, self-analysis, reflection, and preparation for the results presentation will be assigned as out-of-class study.
The standard preparation and review time for this class is one hour each.

[Grading Criteria]
The main evaluation will be based on daily reflections and the submission of a summary report (including the degree of achievement of set personal goals) on the last day (60%), and active participation, role in group work, etc. (40%).

【Default language used in class】
主に日本語ですが、インターンシップ海外編では英語説明のヒヤリング、現地社員とのワークセッションやプレゼンテーションで英語 / English を使用します。