Year 2022
Faculty/Graduate school School of Correspondence Education (Correspondence Learning
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Instructor name 生田目 光
Category 一般教育・語学・保健体育科目
Class Type 通信学習(リポート・試験)
Credit(s) 4
Classroom name 各学部・研究科等の時間割等で確認
Grade 1~4
Class taught by instructors with practical experience

【Outline (in English)】
This is an introductory course in psychology, where students will learn the basic theories, research methods, and important findings from various sub-fields of psychology, and will build an overall understanding of how people think, feel, and act. One of the most important objectives of this course is that students will have a better understanding of how the knowledge and concepts they have learned through this course are applicable in their daily lives.

【Default language used in class】
日本語 / Japanese