Faculty/Graduate school School of Correspondence Education (Correspondence Learning
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Year 2022
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Instructor name 渡邉 永治
Class Type 通信学習(リポート・試験)
Grade 1~4
Credit(s) 2
Class taught by instructors with practical experience
Category 一般教育・語学・保健体育科目

【Outline (in English)】
The aim of this course is letting students acquire general chemistry through studying various materials and phenomena. To achieve the goal, students will learn chemical topics closely related to our daily life. It is expected that students can understand properties and reaction mechanisms of synthetic materials as well as those of chemical species related to life sciences. In addition, environmental issues such as global warming, destruction of the ozone layer, and endocrine disruptor will be discussed to understand them in the viewpoint of chemistry.

【Default language used in class】
日本語 / Japanese