Class code C1060
Year 2021
Faculty/Graduate school Faculty of Intercultural Communication
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Term 春学期授業/Spring
Credit(s) 2
Day/Period 木5/Thu.5
Campus 市ヶ谷 / Ichigaya
Grade 2~4
Duplicate Subjects Taken Under Previous Class Title
Frequency 毎年開講
Open Program
Global Open Program
Interdepartmental class taking system for Academic Achievers
Class taught by instructors with practical experience

【Outline and objectives】
This course aims to introduce professional works which have affinity with edutaions and reseaches in the Faculty of intercultural communication. In this course, each lecture will be given in omnibus format, mainly by lecturers who work in some japanese company or international organization.
Students taking this course will be able to understand the difference of activities in each company or international organization. In doing so, they will know what and how to prepare for participating to internship programs or job hunting in the futur.

【Default language used in class】
日本語 / Japanese