Class code X7236
Year 2020
Faculty/Graduate school Graduate School of Business Administration
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Term 春学期前半/Spring(1st half)
Credit(s) 2
Day/Period 水6/Wed.6,水7/Wed.7
Campus 市ヶ谷
Class taught by instructors with practical experience

【Outline (in English)】
This course provides an introduction to (1) the Japan's macroeconomic characteristics, (2) the Japan's current economic issues, and (3) the basic economic principles and methods. After providing a brief history of the Japanese economy and the basic analytical tools of economics, it mainly focuses on Japan's labor markets, financial markets, corporate finance and capital investments, international transactions, and economic policies from the 1980s onward. By the end of the semester, you are expected to be able to utilize the theoretical and empirical tools practiced in this class to generate practical policy recommendations for Japan’s major economic problems.

【Default language used in class】
日本語 / Japanese