Class code A8511
Year 2017
Faculty/Graduate school Exchange Students from Overseas Program
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Term Spring
Credit(s) 2
Day/Period Thu 3rd
Campus 市ヶ谷 / Ichigaya
Open Program
Class taught by instructors with practical experience

【授業の概要と目的(何を学ぶか) / Outline and objectives】
In this course students from diverse nationalities and cultural backgrounds will work together in groups using English and Japanese to do research and learn more about Japanese society in the process. In the classroom, students will learn and use fieldwork research methods in order to gain in depth knowledge of Japanese society. Classroom instruction is comprised of occasional lectures and team-building activities. Students will also learn from each other by sharing information in group discussions.

【到達目標 / Goal】
Students will learn how to work effectively and flexibly in multicultural and international groups, learning from the diverse perspectives of group members and overcome the challenges of working with people from different cultural backgrounds. Students will gain in depth knowledge about Japan and Japanese society through experiential learning as a result of this course. Personal and academic growth can be expected. They may even discover something about their own intercultural self and their strength and weaknesses in the process of group and field work.

【授業の進め方と方法 / Method(s)】
The course is exploratory and reflective in approach, and it offers multilingual and multicultural platforms for students to collaborate and learn in pairs and in small groups.
Prerequisite for participants: Students are expected to have a strong desire to participate in diverse (multicultural and mulilingual) groups. They are also expected to be curious about Japan and Japanese society. English is the main language of course and students should have a strong willingness to communicate in English.

【授業計画 / Schedule】

回 / No. テーマ / Theme 内容 / Contents
4/13 Orientation Outline of the class
4/20 Orientation II Reflection on your assumptions about culture, and cross-cultural encounters.
4/20 Preparation for fieldwork assignment 1 Preparation for the first assignment
4/27 Group tutorials for Fieldwork Assignment 1 Reporting project progress to the instructors.
5/11 Group tutorials for Fieldwork Assignment 1 Reporting project progress to the instructors.
5/18 Presentations for Assignment 1 Group presentations
5/25 Presentations of Assignment 1 Group presentations
6/1 Reflections of Assignment 1 Reflections on the first assignment
6/8 Preparation for Assignment 2 Preparation for the second assignment
6/15 Group tutorials (Assignment 2) Reporting project progress to the instructors.
6/22 Group tutorials (Assignment 2) Reporting project progress to the instructors.
6/29 Group tutorials (Assignment 2) Reporting project progress to the instructors.
7/1-7/2 Final Presentation Retreat (to be held at Tama Campus) Fieldwork activities, presentations, and reflections at the Fuji Seminar
7/1-7/2 Same as above Same as above

【授業時間外の学習(準備学習・復習・宿題等) / Work to be done outside of class (preparation, etc.)】
Participants will be expected to conduct fieldwork assignments outside of classroom in pairs or in small groups. No credit will be given to those who do not participate in the Tama Campus retreat weekend. Students interested in taking the course must confirm their participation.

【テキスト(教科書) / Textbooks】

【参考書 / References】
Relevant literature will be introduced in class as necessary.

【成績評価の方法と基準 / Grading criteria】
・Attendance/participation/leadership: 30%
・First reflection paper (on the?preliminary research and presentation): 20%
・2nd presentation (group evaluation): 20%
・Final paper (individual evaluation): 30%

【学生の意見等からの気づき / Changes following student comments】
Due to the immersive nature of the fieldwork assignments, International students should have at least intermediate Japanese language ability. Exceptions may be made if students show strong willingness to communicate.

【その他の重要事項 / Others】
There is no textbook for this course. Handouts will be provided and students must do outside research on their topics.
*Note: The Tama Campus retreat weekend may cost from 2,000 to 3,000 yen. This includes overnight lodging fee and dinner.
**Note: Regular (Non-foreign) Hosei Students need to pre-register for this class and fill our the following survey:
***Note: All students who wish to take DJ must also attend the first day of class.