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Takehiro SHIODA

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Class code A2810
Year 2021
Faculty/Graduate school Faculty of Letters
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Term 春学期
Credit(s) 2
Day/Period 木曜1限
Campus 市ヶ谷
Day or Night
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Global Open Program
Interdepartmental class taking system for Academic Achievers
Class taught by instructors with practical experience

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Outline (in English)

To study linguistics, there are two kinds of viewpoint, one is to clarify the structure of "the language itself", and the another one is to research "how the language is used in the real context of society". The latter one is called "sociolinguistics" which will be dealt in this lecture.
The themes dealt on sociolinguistics are diverse (ex. divercity of language usage / language change / consciousness of "language disturbance" / regional dialect / communication / identity / language contact ​​/ language policy / ...). In this lecture, these topics will be put in range, while the themes of "regional variation in recent years" should be discussed with greater emphasis in this term.

Default language used in class

日本語 / Japanese