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Faculty/Graduate school Faculty of Enginneering and Design
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Year 2021
Class code B1053
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Term 秋学期授業/Fall
Day/Period 金5/Fri.5
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Campus 市ヶ谷
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Optional/Compulsory 選択
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Category (2019~) 建築学科
Category (2015~2018) 建築学科
Category SD

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Outline (in English)

This course on economics centers on theory of industrial organizations, considering aspects of industrial/organizational, strategic and city economics and fundamentally related micro and macro economics. The aim is to familiarize students with analysis tools for algebra and statistics essential to modern economics and to raise their analytical and critical thinking skills. With this in mind, the course avoids approaches via historical doctrine and ideology, and emphasizes applications of ideal economic models and real world solutions to economic problems. Lectures will be mostly equivalent to standard 1st/2nd year university microeconomics courses taught in the US. Students falling short of the fundamental skills in reading, writing and mathematics (up to high school equivalent; algebraic/simultaneous/quadratic equations, linear/quadratic functions, calculus) must be able to make up for these areas by self-study. To reinforce comprehension, classes will not be comprised completely of lectures but also encompass practice tutorials. In addition, 3 to 5 lectures in English will be given. In the final exam, multiple choice/true or false questions will be written in English, and essay questions answered in Japanese.

Default language used in class

日本語 / Japanese