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Marketing Principles


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Faculty/Graduate school Faculty of Enginneering and Design
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Year 2021
Class code B1051
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Day/Period 水1/Wed.1
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Outline (in English)

Do all products with outstanding technology or fresh ideas necessarily hit it big in the market? It’s not unusual for products with novel ideas to be developed only to fail to win interest from the public and disappear. A marketing plan is essential for the development of any product that requires the support of many people. In today’s age the ideas and knowledge of marketing have become widespread. For example, they are frequently cited in university laboratory discussions, conversations, job interviews, meetings etc. In addition, as the language of marketing is universal it is possible to discuss ideas through knowledge of marketing terms.
In this course students will gain fundamental knowledge through mainly industrial activities. In addition, the question of what makes good design in marketing will be discussed.

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日本語 / Japanese